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28 February 2010

Hello guides!
Last friday, we had jihe to celebrate chinese new year and skills training.

We jihed at the general science labs as usual at 2.45pm. Then, we had patrol corner. For our patrol, we tied kitchen table at the general science labs. We were given 8 mins to chou the mu needed for kitchen table. Following that, we jihed back at the general science lab to start tying the structures. Due to the poor manpower allocation, we did not manage to complete on kitchen table within 40 mins despite being given time extension. We learned that the tripods for the kitchen table have to be really tight so that the kitchen table would be stable. Also, we had spent too much time tying the tripods and yet they were not stable. Thus, we should have more sense of urgency.
Following that, we had company games at two respective stations, the parade square and the tennis court. At the parade square, we first played a game of catch where P1 and P2 had to form lines to catch people from P3 and P4 to join their lines. Then, we played another game of ice and water. The people that were caught had to ding boy style pumping position. Then, we went to the tennis court. However, due to the poor weather conditions, we moved to the area between lecture theaters 3 and 4. The game we played was similar to dog and bone. Numbers were called out to pick the ball up to be thrown into buckets at the lift, however, many of us failed to throw it in. Those who did not throw the balls in had to do a forfeit, depending on what was picked from a bag.
Then, we went back to the general science labs for food and yu sheng. However, before eating, a year 3 from each patrol was called out to teach the year 1s how to sing "Guiding Light". Despite the year 1s singing a little soft, they managed to get the hang of the lyrics pretty fast. Good job!
Many seniors and teachers were also invited back and Ms Ngau introduced them to us.

After that, we had patrol bonding and dinner.
Love guides! Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

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