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10 May 2010

Hello guides :D

Here is a blog post from a year 2:

Last Friday, we had our usual jihe, however this time the year 3s were not around and so it was up to us year2s to lead the year ones. It was our first time leading the year 1s and we were quite nervous.

Firstly, we were given 7 mins to take our mu to tie a kitchen dresser and a baggage rack, according to our proposals we had drawn earlier in the week. However we guo shi-ed. We learnt to be faster in getting our mu and not to take our own sweet time. We also learnt that time extensions should be asked before the time is up, and not after the time limit is up.

After which, we were given 1 hour and 15mins to tie one kitchen dresser and one baggage rack according to our proposals. We were then evaluated by our seniors and we took note of the points that we had to improve on. Many patrol's baggage rack were not stable and the seniors had given some suggestions on how to make it more stable.

After that we had jie pt. We ran up to the fifth floor of junior high and ding boy style, girl style, leg raise, launchers, commando crawl and wheelbarrow.

After that we jihe-ed and broke off into our respective patrols for patrol corner. We bonded with our year ones during patrol corner.

After patrol corner we were dismissed.

Love guides :)

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