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31 May 2010

Open House 2010

Hello guides,

Last Saturday, we jihe-ed at 7.30 in the morning, all set for Open house. Along with around 10 other year2s and 3s, I was under our UG open house display at the 正心园which was also one of the stations in the Outreach programme, where us guides had set up several gadgets and a kitchen tent in the previous days. The theme of our open house display was Transformers, so all the gadgets had been designed according to that theme.

There, we were each allocated to a gadget, and thoughout the entire morning, we introduced out gadgets to parents, primary school students, brownies and scouts, and indeed many of them were very fascinated by our gadgets. (: Many seniors from guides and scouts also came to check out our gadgets, and we received many positive comments and also suggestions on how to improve in future.

At around 12, we broke into shifts to eat our lunch, and after that we took a break before taking down everything.

On overall, not many parents came to see our displays, although those that came seem to have been convinced to consider guides as a CCA for their children. I feel that we could have been more spontaneous in approaching and bringing the parents around our gadgets. On the other hand, I feel that we have done a good job of impressing the brownies with our gadgets. :)

I feel that most of our gadgets were very innovative and movable, something one would not usually expect. However, when building the gadgets, we should have had a greater sense of urgency and measure properly before building, as we had to rebuild some of the gadgets. Through these open house displays, I hope that many guides have gained some experience in gadgeting, and also exposure to the possibilities in gadgeting, and in future be able to come up with even better and more creative designs.

This was also the first time that year3s have taken charge of and planned a guides activity, and it was a great experience for all the ICs. Despite some hiccups in the preparations, it all turned out well.

On overall, it was a fun and enriching experience for all!

Happy holidays!

Love guides!

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