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6 May 2010

Year 3:

PLTC has indeed been a great experience for all the year threes. The effort and thought put into the preparation for the camp and the camp itself was indeed worthwhile for the experience we gained. From the first to the third day, we learned the importance of having a sense of urgency and very importantly to take care of our patrol mates and ourselves in the midst of trying to complete different tasks.

From camp development, we learn that in order to make camp d' successful, we have to be flexible and allocate manpower properly so that camp d' can be more efficient. We should not always be so rigid but instead change as the situation requires, we should not insist on sticking to plans when it is not feasible at all. In addition, we must always remember to help other patrols when they are in need. After all, we are all a jie and only as strong as the weakest link.

During lectures, we also learnt and try out how to cope with different situations that we may meet. The important thing that many of us failed to realise was the situation we were in and neglected the time factor. Thus, we should be more aware of our situation and surroundings so that we can solve the situation more effectively. In addition, we also gave thought of what leadership means to us, and what type of leader we really wanted to be. We were given a chance to set our goals of what we want to achieve and think of ways to achieve and work towards it.

PLTC seemed to pass so fast now that you look back at it, but I feel that it was certainly one of sweat, laughter, tears and joy. We learnt the importance of communicating among and between the patrol to make the camp successful. Although there were many mistakes made during PLTC, but it is from those mistakes that we can learn and better ourselves. I feel that we have progressed not only individually, but we have also grown and matured as a jie. At the end of the day, what is truly important is not the results but the lessons and experience that we will carry with us for the rest of our lives.

Love guides:)

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