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18 July 2014

Campfire Preparation, 11th July

Hi Guides!

This marked the last Campfire Preparation before the official Campfire begin on Saturday. Every single committee was hard at work, finishing up their respective tasks and structures. Everyone worked together by staying cohesive and pushing through any obstacles faced.

Generally, the Year 3s were given more opportunities to step up and lead as the new leading batch and many seized the opportunities. The sisterhood was also evident throughout the preparation because the Guides were enjoying themselves despite how tough the preparation was. It was really enriching for many and eye- opening for the Year 1s who got this chance to complete such grand and majestic structures.

Thoughts from a Year 3...
Campfire preparation was really fun as we all toiled hard for the campfire's success. I was in Gateway committee and was given opportunities to climb this unique and majestic structure to built the platform and it was an enjoyable and thrilling process. Throughout the preparation, I also felt that I was given many chances to step up and lead to my delight. It truly boosted my confidence as a leader.

All the Guides are clearly excited for the long- awaited 46th Anniversary Campfire! Hopefully all our hard work paid off, making the campfire a success. :)

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