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2 July 2014

Campfire Preparation, 30th June

Hi Guides!

For this Monday, we had campfire performance preparation. It was a session for the Young Adults (YAs) to check on our progress of the performances for the upcoming 46th Anniversary Campfire.

Firstly, we split into our different batches to prepare out batch performances. Then, the Year 3s performed their dance item for the Year 1s and Year 2s. The Year 3s danced to the song Carry You by Union J. Next, it was the Year 2s and Year 1s' turn to perform. Soon after, the YAs gave us time to practice again. 

After that, a YA brought the Year 1s and Year 2s to the open space on Level 2 of Year 3 and Year 4 Block. She practised the transitions between items and also ran through the whole performance with them. Meanwhile, the other YAs altered some of the dance steps in the Year 3s' performance. 

At last, we ran through all the performances once. It started with the Year 1s and Year 2s' performance, followed by the Year 3s' performance. At the end, the YAs gave us comments on our performances. 

Thoughts from a Year 2 about the performance...
During the practice, it was quite hard to get the cooperation of everyone at the start. However, after sometime, everyone understood how to perform the items. On the second time, the Year 1s and Year 2s fared much better. I think that the Year 1s and Year 2s can improve by practising more on our singing and synchronisation in the performance.

Thoughts from a Year 3 about the performance...
Initially, our dance was very messy and uncoordinated as we had very few practices together. A lot of people were unsure of the dance moves and it turned out pretty chaotic. However, since we were given time after that to rehearse the dance over and over again, there was a significant improvement in our dance. Practice makes perfect and I'm sure that we will continue to improve as long as we all try out best i the next few rehearsals.

Hopefully, we will be able to put up a better performance this Friday!

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