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10 July 2014

Campfire Preparation, 5th July

Hi Guides!

Today we had our Campfire Preparation, which started off with a lecture. Firstly, Cassandra started off this final series of lectures, which was entitled "Dunman High Girl Guides- Our Future". She wanted everyone to write down a few points on what should be improved in the current company, so that they could collate the feedback. After that, she asked the Guides to write down their dreams on a piece of origami paper, so that in the future, they could look back and remind themselves of their goals that they had set out to achieve during their Guiding journey. Afterwards, to make it more memorable, the flower patrols were to fold a flower and the bird patrols were to fold a crane. 

Thoughts from a Year 3...
I think this activity is beneficial, especially because we are the new 领导层. It really helps us to prioritize and plan our goals for the company. As the leadership batch, I feel that we have to step up a lot more to improve the standards while also constantly reminding ourselves of our individual goals. This would make our Guiding experience so much more fruitful and worthwhile! :) 

Afterwards, An Yi, a Year 7 Rover, gave the next lecture. She told us about her experiences in Guides and about the bonds forged during that period of time. She also touched on how she initially felt like quitting but eventually motivated herself to stay on. Throughout her lecture, she emphasised on the spirit of Guiding and the "Tie that Binds". 

Thoughts from a Year 2...
Her lecture was very inspiring and from it, I learnt the importance of the sisterhood in Guides. I hope to bond more with my patrol mates and my batch mates during my time in Guides. 

Next, Pin Qi told us about her stories in Guides. She left Dunman High but returned for 集合 every Friday because she missed Guides. It showed the spirit of Guiding and that the bonds she forged in Guides were so important to her. Through the photos she showed, everyone had an insight as to how Guides was like in the past. 

Thoughts from a Year 2...
She was very funny and entertaining! Her lecture was upbeat and interesting. I also learnt a lot from her because she showed her love for Guides and it makes me proud to be in this CCA. :D

Lastly, Mdm Lim gave the final lecture. She played a few songs that were sung at a previous Dunman High Girl Guides Anniversary Campfire. Along with the photos she showed, we saw how Guides changed over the years. She remained close to her Guide friends, highlighting the sisterhood and friendships in Guides.

Thoughts from a Year 1...
Girl Guides was very very different in the past and it is interesting to see Dunman High Guides change over time. Perhaps in the future, we can also look back and see how times have changed. However, I believe the friendships in Guides will remain!

After the lecture series came to a close, the Guides were separated into their various committees. The Pioneering Committees made use of their main frames built the previous Campfire Preparation and continued to finish their structures. As for the Performance Committees, they were busy preparing for the first Dry Run of the Campfire. The Songleaders and Emcees rehearsed, while the other members of the Performance Committees set up the Audio Visual (AV) Equipment. The remaining committees helped out with Pioneering. 

Next was lunch and after lunch, the Committees continued with preparation. The Dry Run was set at 3.30pm, where those not performing would be the audience. The Performance Committees helped out with Pioneering before the Dry Run. 

During the Dry Run, the Emcees went through the entire flow of the Campfire and the Songleaders performed a few songs, so that the other Guides would be more familiar with the songs during the actual Campfire. 

After that, we had clean- up. The main frames remained with the other spars were kept. Everyone helped out to make things efficient and quick. After that, there was a debrief and we were told about the booths during the Campfire which we had to be familiar with if there is a need to direct the guests. 

Overall, substantial progress was made and the Guides are enthusiastic about campfire!

Thoughts from a Year 2...
Campfire Preparation has been tiring but meaningful, especially the lectures. Also, doing pioneering was good because it helped to train my skills. I also got to experience different things from usual PAs and 集合 because the structures are more grand. Generally, it's very fun and enjoyable.

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