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4 April 2008


Today was our first normal friday jihe after sports day, and other events. We had roll call, followed by speech day training (rehearsal?) for some while the rest had skills training and pt. 

Roll call was as per normal, just that everyone should remember to pull up socks, make the badges diagonal etc. 

For skills training, the remaining sec2s and 3s were told to tie and raise the xiaoduiqi. It was not what we usually did before very often, and had not much experience in raising it, therefore all of us were quite chaotic and did quite terribly for it. For instance, we did not know where each masheng is supposed to be facing, the correct spacing between each patrol and so on. We learnt the correct way of how it should be tied by the sec4s, and hopefully, all of us can remember it in the coming future.

Next, we had pt. The sec4s and 3s combined together, and we started off with 4 rounds. After that, everyone had to stay in boy style pumping position while 2 people set off for the two checkpoints on different parts of track. We had to wheelbarrow to the first checkpoint, where one person did pumpings while the other did leg raise, and switched. At the second checkpoint, we had to do 20 burpees. 

In the meantime, those at the starting point had to do situps, jumping jacks, and other activities. It was good training, considering we did not have pt for a long time. It's great to be able to keep fit again (: of course,  it all helped when we cheered each other on. whoosh! (:

Patrol corner was spent in obstacle course for some patrols, and mainly we trained ourselves for the monkey bar and wall. Sec1s also got to learn climbing the bar and getting across it. never give up! haha. It was time spent interacting among the patrol (: 

Through today's jihe and others in the future, the sec1s will have a taste of what guides is like, and hopefully they enjoyed it. It is good to let them experience the traditions of guiding such as roll call. Also, we should buck up on our skills, take note of time and other stuff. 

all in all, it was a successful jihe (:
good luck to all the speech day contingent people!

have a great day ahead.

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