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30 January 2010

Hi guides (:

Last Friday the y3s had oj to prepare us for the upcoming coj in week 6. We were split into 6 patrols and each patrol had to pack one peibei, first aid kit and come up with songs and cheers for the oj. However, we were not prepared with our 2 青木s which we are supposed to have for every oj.

After a short briefing, we were split into our patrols and the oj began. For my patrol, our first station was the acid river station. We were supposed to build a structure to cross the “river” so that nothing touched the river and got “corroded”, with the available materials, which included 白木、浅蓝木、红木 and 黑木. For my patrol, our structure was unstable and too heavy to get to the other side of the river. Therefore, many of our items and people dropped into the acid river.

Our next station was the physical training station, where we had to do 2 circuits. In the first circuit, 2 people from the patrol were supposed to run to the 4th level with the 青木s and then do 10 star jumps and 10 burpees. After that, we had to run 1 round around the 4th level and do 10 star jumps and 15 pumpings. The rest of the patrol were in leg raise position and supporting a bucket of water. For the 2nd circuit, 2 people were supposed to do lunges for a distances and complete 1 squats there, while the rest of the patrol were in boy style pumping position. In this station, many of our items got kupped and patrol spirit was low. We could have cheered more to boost everyone’s morale.

After that, our next station was the minesweeper station. In this station, we were given 5 minutes to tie our 青木s to the minesweeper to help us cross it. After that, the patrol was to be in boy style pumping position while one person crossed the minesweeper. I feel that as a pl for the station, I should have supported my patrol mates more to help them cross the minesweeper. In the end, only two people crossed. However, our patrol read our notes and could answer many of the questions, which was a good effort.

Our 4th station was the first-aid. In this station, we were very slow in the cave. We were also unsure about the first-aid measures to carry out to save the casualties. We must read our notes more. We were unable to find any complete sets of the coloured paper and thus had to built a rope ladder after that. We were able to tie the rope ladder but we did not take note of the protrusion and whether the 木 were level, and thus the rope ladder was rather impractical. We should take note of these next time.

For our 5th station, we get to crawl through an obstacle course to look for 8 puzzle pieces while the rest of the patrol dinged girl style pumping position and came out to answer questions. Our patrol spirit was better in this station and we cheered constantly. After that, we were given a guides code to solve. We were very slow at this and only solved half of the puzzle. The guides code told us to built a fireman’s chair to rescue a casualty from the toilet cubicle. Most of us did not know how to tie the fireman’s chair. We should ask our seniors or jie-mates before coj.

For the last station, we were tested on our survival skills. We were given 8 minutes to choreograph a dance related to stones and pebbles while 1 person at a time carry ying sheng up a staircase where we had to fill a bottle with items for a filter funnel. We placed the cloth wrongly and missed out one layer of items. We need to be more sure of our filter. As for our dance, it was rather successful and every one of us contributed, making it a patrol effort. In the second part of this station, 1 person had to start a fire with yuan zi lu and yuan zi la and boil a mess tin of water within 8 minutes, while the others built emergency shelters. Our emergencies shelters were not practical and we should have used the bricks to secure them properly. Our fire was started rather fast, which was good. None of our items got kupped in this station, which was also a good patrol effort (:

Overall, we did fairly well for this oj but there is still much improvement to be made. We need to boost our patrol morale more and be more sure of our notes.

Coj is coming up soon, jiayou y3s! We can do it (:

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