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16 July 2012

13 July Guides Activities

Hi Guides(:

On 13 July, we had our first Friday 集合 after PDP without the Year 4s. Firstly, we had attire check and patrol corner, followed by Patrol Activity (PA).

As the Year 1s were gone for around the first two-thirds of 集合 to take their Total Defence Badge (Bronze) course, we had PA with just our Year 2s. Each patrol's PA was different, but P1 and P3, as well as P2 and P9 had combined PAs.

P1 and P3 Combined PA

For P1 and P3, there was an amazing race! (:

This amazing race was to test the Year 2s’ survival skills and expose them to more seldom First Aid situations. Both patrols moved together as one from Station 1 to Station 4. Messages written in guides code were given to the Year 2s and they had to decipher the message then hop in the gunny sacks to the next station. Patrol Leaders of P1 and P3 were the station masters while the rest of the Year 3s followed the patrols to make sure everyone is alright and does not injure themselves while moving to the next station. PSs carried the first aid kit/shirts/other items at all times while following the patrol.

For Station 1, the patrols had to use a compass and the directions given to go to various spots and find the materials for a water filter, after which they had to decipher the Guides Code and mass change into their patrol tees in 2 minutres. For Station 2, the patrols were given 10 minutes to build their water filter and filter a cup of water. For Station 3, the First-Aid station, they had to treat 1) a woman in childbirth, 2) a person struck by lightning, and 3) a person who is unconscious from drowning. For Station 4, the patrols were tested on their fire-lighting skills. They were given 10 minutes to boil a mess tin filled to the brim with water, followed by cooking milo with the boiled water:)

Afterwards, the patrols had to build a baggage rack together. They were given 30 seconds to look at the proposal, after which they had to run to 团部 and take the logistics needed for the baggage rack. Halfway through tying the baggage rack, the Year 1s returned to help out.

Then the Year 2s were given time to mass change back into their PE shirts and P1 and P3 had patrol corner in their own respective patrols(:

P2 and P9 Combined PA

For P2 and P9, they tied a kitchen shelter together. After getting their logistics, both patrols were given 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete a kitchen shelter. It served as a revision of how to tie a kitchen shelter for the Year 2s and test their teamwork together. After finishing the kitchen shelter and keeping all the logistics, they had patrol corner and revised how to tie all the lashes(:

P4's PA

For P4, the main focus was on gadgeting. For the first one hour, the Year 2s were re-introduced to the types of 木 and how to distinguish them. Then they revised how to tie the basic lashes such as square lash, diagonal lash, etc, after which they were given 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete one baggage rack and one kitchen dresser. After keeping away all the logistics, they had patrol corner as a debrief and to facilitate patrol bonding(:

P5's PA

For P5, the main focus was on camp gadgets. The Year 2s were given 2 hour 40 minutes to complete one baggage rack, one fire altar, and as many Bashas as they could complete. This acitivity was planned to help the Year 2s revise how to tie the three mentioned camp gadgets and practise their lashes. After completing the gadgets, a debrief was given and they had patrol corner after keeping the logistics (:

Thoughts from a Year 2 Guide:
Firstly, we had a 20 minutes patrol corner with the Year 1s because we had time to spare. It was quite awkward because it was our first time having Patrol Corner with the Year 3s taking over. I think most of us (especially Emily) wanted to start a conversation but were shy and ended up talking among ourselves. We should learn to speak up more and not make patrol corners so awkward.In the midst of pioneering, we didn't 照顾好东西 and ended up letting many of our things get kupped. However, I think that we did a great job of pioneering and although we could have made many improvements, it was a better job done than expected. We also looked at examples of the proposals drawn by the Year 3s and mimicked them, but since it was our first time, we took a longer time to draw! But we were assured that with practice, we would do it fast and nicely (: I hope we will continue to improve! As well as hope that our Y1s will do well in the next 集合!

P6's PA

For P6, the main focus was on how to tie all of the lashes, as well as a bit of gadgeting. For the first one hour, the Year 2s revised how to tie all of the lashes commonly used in gadgeting, such as square lash, diagonal lash, tripod lash, quadpod lash, etc. After that, they had to complete a baggage rack, with the Year 3s guiding them along the process. They had a debrief after completing it and had patrol corner afterwards(:

P7's PA

For P7, PA was a combination of gadgeting and PT (which was combined with P8). For the first half of PA, the Year 2s were given time to complete one flagpole, one baggage rack, and one shoe rack. For the flagpole, the Year 3s demonstrated how to tie and secure the flag before letting the Year 2s try.

After gadgeting, there was PT, which was combined with P8.The title of the PT was "2012 - Ending of the World", which had three segments: Earthquake, Tsunami, and Alien Attack. Each segment had two circuits which the patrols had to complete one circuit within 18 minutes.

For Earthquake, the patrols took turns to draw lots to see how many rounds they would have to run around the Year 1/2 block. During the second circuit, there was a sudden boar attack and they had to run in a zigzag motion. For Tsunami, the patrols had to complete 100 sit-ups for the first circuit, Kallang-wave style, and 100 pumpings for the second circuit (Kallang-wave too). For Alien Attack, the Year 2s had to stay in Plank position in 1 minute, followed by commando-crawl, crabwalk, lunges, and frogjumps around the Year 1/2 block.

P8's PA

For P8, PA was a combination of gadgeting and PT(which was combined with P7). For the first half of PA, the Year 2s practised all their lashes, which were then tested by having a creative gadget activity afterward. They also practised their netting and rafting skills after the creative gadget activity.

After gadgeting, there was PT, which was combined with P7. (see above)

P10's PA

For P10, PA was a combination of gadgeting and PT. For the first half of PA, the Year 2s built one baggage rack, one Japanese table, and two Japanese chairs. A Japanese table is built with four 中木 that are 打进 at the four corners of a rectange, followed by two 长木 that are tied to the 中木, forming the length of the rectangle. Finally, half-bamboos are rafted on top of the 长木 to resemble a table. A Japanese chair is built with two 中木that are 打进 at two corners of a square, followed by two 短木 at the opposite side of the 中木. Two 中短木 are tied to the 短木 and 中木, creating two opposite sides of the chair. 10 half-bamboos are then rafted onto the 中短木s, while two 中短木s are tied near the top of the two 中木s, creating the seat and back of the chair.

After gadgeting, there was PT. The Year 2s got into boy's style position. Every two minutes, a pair came out to play scissors paper stone. The person who loses went back to boy’s style position while the winner picked a piece of paper, on which there was be a form of PT. The winner then completed what is stated on the paper before returning. This was repeated for 20 minutes. At the 10 minute mark, the boy’s style position will change to girl’s style. For the next 25 minutes, circuits were done. One circuit consists of 2 rounds around the level, 15 jumping jacks, 5 star jumps and 15 pumpings(:

Thoughts from a Year 2 Guide:
For me, being PL was not easy. This was also the first time that we did this. The PL has to work with the PS and had to give clear and precise instructions. It is also a lot of teamwork and cooperation. I have learnt from this 集合 that the PS has to aid and communicate with the PL to discuss ideas about the structure and stuff. Being a PL, you also have to keep calm and plan everything out. She has to be able to think about how the structure would work and everything. It is really not simple work. During the PT, I think our stamina had decreased and we were not up to standard. However, our patrol morale was quite high. We cheered constantly. This 集合 was a great experience for the year 1s and year 2s! (:

After PA, everyone 集合ed at the General Science Lab, where we received the Cookie Sales form and were then dismissed.

加油 for Cookie Sales! (:

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