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26 July 2012

23th July Guides Monday PA

Hi Guides(:

On Monday, 23 July, we had our usual Monday Patrol Activity!(:
Each patrol had their own unique individual PAs(:

P1 PA!

For P1, they had 2 parts to their PA: Creative Gadgeting and PT!(:
They had to build the below creative gadget within 50 minutes:)

After the Creative Gageting, they had PT! For PT, they had to complete 1. one round around the school track within 2.5 minutes with their hands in the air(: 2. 80 Kallang-Wave pumpings, 3. 1 minute at the pull-up bars and another 1 minute 顶ing Boys' Style pumping position, 4. 2 mini-games!

P2 PA!

For P2, the focus was on Camp Gadgets!:D

The Year 1s and Year 2s had to build 1. one fire altar, 2. one baggage rack, 3. one flagpole, and 4. Emergency Shelters. They were given a total of 1 hour 25 mintues to complete all of the above gadgets(:

P3 PA!

For P3, the focus was on Pioneering!(:

Firstly, they had a short revision on all of the lashes(: After the revision, they had to build a See-Saw within 1 hour. They all had fun playing with it once it was finished(:

P4 PA!

For P4, the focus was on Gadgeting, Survival Skills, and Outdoor Cooking.

Firstly, the Year 2s and Year 1s had to taught how to build a patrol flagpole. Afterwards, they were given 35 minutes to build a fire altar (indoors) a shoe rack and two emergency shelters (including the time to take logistics). At any time, two people would be called out to answer questions related to survival skills. If they got the questions wrong, they had to draw lots to get the punishments.

After Gadgeting and Survival Skills, they started on Outdoor Cooking!
The Year 1s and Year 2s were given 10 minutes to start a fire and prepare the food, followed by 35 minutes to cook the food(:

P5 PA!

For P5, the focus was on the Guide's Code, Trekking Signs + Survival Skills, as well as Orienteering. They had something like an Obstacle Journey, and had to navigate their way through using the compass and Trekking Signs, while being tested on various skills like Firelighting, First-Aid, and how to build a water filter, etc(:

P6 PA!

For P6, the focus was on Survival Skills, Trekking Signs, and Gadgeting(:

For the first part of PA, the Year 1s and Year 2s were tested on their knowledge of the Survival Skills and Trekking Signs via a mini-quiz. Afterwards, they were given 50 minutes to complete one Baggage Rack, followed by Patrol Corner!(:

P7 PA!

For P7, the focus was on Survival Skills, First-Aid, Fire-lighting, and Orienteering(:

The Year 1s and Year 2s had to move from Station 1 to Station 6. Each station tested on the various skills listed above. Station 1 was the mass change station, Station 2 was on Orienteering and reactions to Animal Attacks, Station 3 was on Emergency Shelters, Station 4 was about water filters, Station 5 was the First-Aid station, and Station 6 was on Fire-lighting(:

P8 PA!

For P8, the focus was on lashes and how to build a Kitchen Table(:

They were given 1 hour to complete one Kitchen Table. This served as an introduction to Pioneering for the Year 1s, while being a revision for the Year 2s on how to build a Kitchen Table. Afterwards, they had Debrief and Patrol Corner together!(:

P9 PA!

For P9, they had PT and Outdoor Cooking(:

For the first 45 minutes, the Year 1s and Year 2s had PT, during which they were quizzed on Survival Skills and about Guides. Afterwards, they had 30 minutes of Outdoor Cooking with messtins, during which they cooked instant noodles that were enough for the entire patrol, followed by a 30 mintues Patrol Corner(:

P10 PA!

For P10, the Year 1s and Year 2s had to build a Kitchen Table within 1 hour(: This served as a chance for them to practise their lashes, as well as introduce the Year 1s to tying with spars. After completing the structure, they had a Debrief, followed by 30 mintues Patrol Corner(:

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