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28 July 2013

集合, 12th Jul


On 12th July, we 集合-ed at 1445 for our weekly activity. We started off with a quick attire check, followed by one and a half hours of PA.

PA, or Patrol Activity, allows the patrol to bond by doing an activity together. It also allows gives the patrol an opportunity to brush up on skills they are lacking in. After Passing Down last week, it was now time for the Year 2s who had lead the patrol during PA instead of the Y3s. Although this was initially awkward for them, most of them rose to the challenge and managed the task well. 

Following PA was PT, which stands for Physical Training. As the name suggests, this activity trains our physical standard and stamina through various stations. While some stations were tough, the morale of the patrols did not waver and loud cheering could be heard at the various stations.

After a short sharing session about the activities carried out today, we ended the 集合.:)

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