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4 July 2013

1st July Patrol Activity

Hi Guides!:D

On 1st July, we had Monday PA after taking a break during the June holidays:) For this PA, the Year 2s and the Year 1s had Patrol Corner while the Year 3s and Year 4s were discussing about the upcoming Passing Down Parade (PDP) :D The Year 2s taught the Year 1s Guides-related matters such as the Guide Law and Guide promise for our Enrolment cum PDP camp this friday!!!:D

This friday will be our Enrolment cum PDP camp, where the Year 1s will be officially enrolled into Guides and the Year 4s would be passing down to the Year 3s. See you there!:D

The Guide promise:
I promise to do my best, to do my duty to God, to serve my country and help other people, and to keep the Guide Law.


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