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28 July 2013

Overnight Camp, 5th-6th Jul


On 5th July, we had an overnight camp for the Year 1s Enrollment and the Year 4s Passing Down ceremony. Enrollment is a ceremony where the Year 1s receive their enrollment badges and be recognized as Guides. In the Passing Down ceremony, the Year 4s hand over their roles to the Year 3s, who would become the next batch to lead the Company.

Before the Enrollment ceremony began, we had an Obstacle Journey, or OJ or short. This activity tests the various skills we had learnt, such as gadgeting, first aid and survival skills, with various scenarios which allows us to apply what we have learnt. Although this was the first OJ for the Year 1s, they were able to respond quickly to the situation and we completed it smoothly.

After OJ, we had dinner before the Enrollment ceremony started:D

The Passing Down ceremony started shortly after.

After which, we had some time to bathe and change into our performance attire for PDP'13. PDP stands for Passing Down Parade, where the various batches put up a performance for the Year 4s.

The Year 1s sang the cup song "You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone", though with changes to the lyrics from 'You're gonna miss me when I'm gone' to 'I'm gonna miss you when you're gone'. The individual patrols later read a poem to each of the Year 4s in their patrol.

The Year 2s performed a spectacular dance to a medley of songs, while the Year 3s put up a musical re-enacting scenes from ATC, an Annual Training Camp which trains the Guides' hard and soft skills, before ending off with the song 江南 while each patrol had a small talk with their patrols' Year 4s.

Finally, the Year 4s performed scenes from their PLTC, or Patrol Leader Training Camp, which prepares them to take over the Company. The Company Leader and Assistant Company Leader, Elizabeth and Shi Hui respectively, represented the Year 4 batch to talk to the juniors. PDP ended with the exchanging of PDP presents before lights out.

The next day, we had batch corner after breakfast before camp ended. Here are some reflections from some Guides about the camp:

From a Year 1 Guide:
Overall, I think the event was very meaningful. :)

From a Year 2 Guide:
The Enrollment ceremony was a very nostalgic one for me as I remembered myself enrolling into guides as a year one, and now I am witnessing my own juniors enroll. The Passing Down Parade made me really happy for my seniors but at the same time sad that our year 4s would be leaving us Overall, this has been a really memorable and enjoyable experience for me and I would never forget it. 

From a Year 3 Guide:
It is my third year attending PDP, and for every year that I have attended, it has always been a different experience. In Year 1, it was special because this was my year of enrolment, and the day I would officially be joining the DHSCOY family. In Year 2, I was proud to see my juniors enrol and my direct seniors to take over the 团. However, in year 3, after 2 years of guiding, it has come to a point where it is the 45th 届’s turn to lead, where it is our turn to take over the 团 just like our seniors had. During enrolment, I felt proud for my juniors and recalled back to the day where I was enrolled and new to the团. At that time,  I was enthralled to be part of something bigger and something that I know would change my life. And I am proud today to say that all of us have come this far, to be a senior and be part of this family. However, during the passing down parade, I was nervous and excited at the same time. It would be a brand new experience taking care of the juniors, and being an influential part of their guiding lives. On the other hand, at the same time, our beloved seniors would leave and it would be up to us to take care of ourselves. Many of us were very upset, and most of us were crying, but deep down we knew that the seniors that have helped us pulled through everything, will stay in our hearts forever. “Don’t be sad that it’s over, be happy that it happened”. 四十四届,我们爱你♥

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