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20 February 2014

Pioneering session!:D 14th Feb

Hi Guides!

For this 集合 on 14th February, we had a pioneering session organised by the YA Chapter. We were split into 6 groups to tie 6 different structures such as gateways, towers and bridges. The first 4 groups comprised of a mixture of Year 2s and 3s while the Year 4s were split into the last 2 groups. Beforehand, we had allocated I/Cs for our own group and came up with a 2h 15min timeline to tie our structure.

Prior to the activity, we were given 20 minutes for the I/Cs to brief us and to practise our lashes. Afterwards, we started working on our structures. Morale was quite high, judging from the loud cheers that echoed throughout the D area in the field.:)

After the time limit, we 集合-ed back and the YAs did a debrief on our structures. Some points to take note of:
  • The protrusions of some spars could have been shorter. This can be achieved by shifting the spar's position or changing the spar used.
  • Main frames were slanted for some structures. Not only does it decrease the aesthetic value of the structure but also make it more unstable as the extra weight on one side by a slanted main frame may cause the structure to topple if it isn't tied tightly and properly.:O This could have been averted by 顶-ing them more properly and having the I/Cs to check on the structure frequently and make the appropriate adjustments until their positions are stable.

Before we 拆掉-ed our structures, we were given 7 minutes to play around with them.

Here are some reflections from some Guides:
A Year 3 - Friday's 集合 was really fun and fruitful! Everyone got to work with spars and 麻绳, instead of just the usual gadget poles and 白绳. The Year 3s were given a chance to really step up as ICs and guide the Year 2s. For my group, it was really frustrating at first because we could not get the quadpod right. The group morale went down because of that and the really hot weather got to us. I as an IC, was really demoralised. But I remembered what my PL said about how patrol morale was so important and no matter what, you shouldn't take your frustrations out on your group members; rather, we should just work and try and solve the problem at hand. My group cheered and cheered, offering encouraging words to one another. It was amazing how we ended the 集合 with laughter and all. I realised the importance of keeping up the patrol morale and cheering. It was really satisfying to see our structure stand as the final product and we really didn't want to 拆 it at all. I really do hope that we will get more opportunities like this and do more pioneering! :D

A Year 4 - As we do not get to do pioneering other than build the standard structures such as kitchen shelter and kitchen table, this activity was really interesting. Also, it was a good opportunity for bonding as we  put our trust into one another to 齐 and 倒 the structure safely, as well as 顶 the main frames properly when there are people tying lashes on the structure. I'm glad to see everyone enjoy the fruits of their labour after working hard. With the upcoming campfire, hopefully more Guides will be able to experience more pioneering.:)

Wait, did someone just say, "campfire"?? X)

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