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27 February 2014

WTD Celebrations + Company Games! 21st Feb

 Hi Guides!

On Friday, 21st Feb, we welcomed our new Year 1s into the Dunman High Coy!

Shortly after the Year 1s joined their respective patrols, we ran to LT3 where the Year 1s were briefed about the DHS Guides structure and important events this year. Afterwards, we had Patrol Corner, during which we got to know our Year 1s, play some icebreakers or teach them songs and basic 礼节.

From 1600, we had Company Games!:D As we were also celebrating World Thinking Day, it was incorporated into our Company Games, which was in the form of an "Olympics". The games in the various stations included tug-of-war, relay races, dog and bone, gunny sack race, caterpillar walk and soccer. In some parts of the stations, questions about Thinking Day would be asked.

Hope that everyone had fun bonding with their patrol mates:)

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