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27 April 2008

(: Hello guides!

Yesterday, we had our Obstacle Journey. Our year 5s came back to test us on our skills-- mainly Physical Training, Firelighting, Orienteering, First Aid, Minesweeper, and the Blindfold-checkpoint, Kim's game, Traditional games, Survivor Skills... (: on top of that, it was our Sec1s' first OJ! and the first OJ this year.

Thanks YALs, and YULs! for taking time to come down to teach us... we didnt do as well as we ought to for some checkpoints, but thanks for all the patience, for trying to help us to understand and pointing out our mistakes. and for always being there to encourage us. i guess, we all do miss our seniors, especially for us sec4s... for their guidance, their scoldings which are only meant to remind us about what it means to be a 德明女童军 and for the fun times we all had together... to have our year 5s back... it's really like we're one family. (: there's just so much we share, everytime we're aware...

i dont think the sec1s will really understand what being one family means now... after all, it's only been a few months into guides; this is their first OJ too... but i think the sec1s did great! Yay, sec1s! some of you may not have been so physically stretched before in primary school, but all of you are really really hanged on no matter what... Dinging boys' style pumping position and just holding on even though your arms feel pain... just putting in that effort to push yourself off the ground when you do pumpings, when your seniors are just continously counting... and really, it's just that simple desicion at that moment to push yourself up an inch more, to run a step more, to cling on a second more that makes you a guide.

and of course, when it's tough, you have your patrol mates to fall back on. like during OJ. minesweeper became a bit more tricky when you have a pei bei weighing you down. but it's the encouragement and cheers that keep us going... and that's what our seniors are trying to teach us all along. it's not only through this OJ but everytime we are together as guides. some things can only felt with the heart, sang through our guides' songs, and made known to the world through our most spirited cheers...

guides, oei guides, oei guides, oei sud!

and it's in the sec1s that will keep this guides' fire burning. the sec4s are going to step down soon. being the leaders of the coy for around half a year already, we've learnt valuable lessons. because of our juniors that we want to do better, so they can come to love guides better, just as how our seniors had taught us. i think our PLs did great during OJ-- we have the motherly ones, the creative, think-out-of-box ones, the super-pia ones, the clear-handed ones... and i just wanna say thanks PLs! for leading us through each obstacle and being the superglue to bond our of us together. (: you're like the compass needle! haha and the PSs are the compass body! Oooo... for reminding all to take care of their possessions, drink H2O, dui jiao, kaolong, pei bei...

even so, the sec4s are nothing without their sehest, blur-cutest sec3s and sec2s. sec3s are mostly in charge of packing our items-- first aid, pei bei, survivor kit, ponchos... learning to be prepared for OJ, to be prepared for guides activities, to be prepared to lead... the sec2s, teaching sec1s songs, cheers and formalities and making scarfs for them ;) although sec3s and sec2s may find it a bit hard to explain to the sec1s sometimes, there are so many things and the sec1s may not understand but i'm sure they'll come to see how supportive the sec1s can be, and that we were all sec1s once... (:

but there is still room for improvement for us and for our juniors. through this OJ, we see that we should take more initiative, the sec4s to better lead and give clearer intructions and always think HOW to do it best in the shortest time possible...and we need to train to keep our skills in tip-top condition too... the sec3s to work with a greater sense of urgency and to guide the juniors, as well as keep the spirit of the patrol up above the dirty mud and sweat, and to smile as brightly as the hot sun (: well as to brush up on their skills... the sec2s to learn from their sec3s to be more determined and enthusiastic, cheering aloud when doing the muscle-torture exercises ;)... and our sec1s to look, and learn, to build emergency shelters, to wrap bandages, to transport people with roman chariot, to start a fire... yupp, there's so much for each and everyone of us to enjoy... ;) this OJ had made us see our strengths, as a patrol and as a guide, and our weakness, how we can keep finding ways and means to improve ourselves together. the best is always yet to be...

because like our year 5s said, in the end, we're not doing all these merely for ourselves, we're doing it for DHS girl guides... we're doing it for our family.

girl guides!

Oo and jiayous year 3s for PLTC!
(: you all can do it de!!!

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