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21 April 2008

PLTC Pre-camp (:

the day started off with the announcement of which patrol we were in -the most anticipated part of the day. then, it was Mr Teo's lecture about "What is Scouting/Guiding?" it was the most fundamental question anyone can think of in our guiding life, and as Mr Teo said, it seems weird that we are re-discussing it after nearly two and a half years in guiding. but yet, it is a question that is never too late to ponder about! (:

throughout the day, lectures about "leadership", "patrol system", "how to plan patrol activities" were just few among those that were conducted. the last one was more of a hands-on session on pioneering, where we learnt many new things. everyone has always thought that pioneering was all about playing with shapes like triangles, squares, rectangles, but the lecture showed us that that was not true! circles and hemispheres can be accomplished too. and, who says that we can only use spars and ma2 sheng2? rattan and bamboo are possible materials that can be experimented with too. the lecture really broadened our narrow-minded view of pioneering by a fair bit.

with the day's activity coming to an end, it was time for a briefing about the camp - things we had to prepare and so on. follwing which, we had a short discussion with our patrol, where most patrols came up with their patrol names.(:
after that, we were dismissed.

Jiayou for PLTC Sec3s! :D

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