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12 April 2008

Yesterday we had a fun yet enriching jihe. Firstly, we had roll call. It was good to see that many more Year1s have gotten their canvas shoes! :D

Then, we had skills training. The Year1s and 2s had their first-aid lesson. They were taught the basics such as treating sprains tying arm slings, etc. It was an eye-opening experience for the Year1s as they got to learn something totally different from what they have learn so far in guides and it was a good recap for the Year2s.

The Year3s however, were tying a table and chair structure with spas. Each ‘group’ which comprises of 2 or 3 patrols had to finish their structure in 45 minutes, but we needed a time extension of 10 minutes. We need to take better measurements as well. A table was too high, some knots were too loose which made the structure was wobbly, a chair was too close to the tabletop, were some of the more serious mistakes made. We have to brush up on our knots! :X

Finally, we had company games! It was fun! The 8 patrols were split up into 5 groups. First, we played the bacteria game thing where we had to move around in a circle with our arms linked together and steal other people’s masking tape stuck to their shirt. It was fun as we had to protect our own masking tapes too! Everyone was laughing like crazy. :D Yup, then we played dog and bone. It was very mathematical. We had to solve calculations such as 3^2 and sometimes you could hear ‘Huh?’s after the maths question. We had lots of fun playing dog and bone too!

Today we learnt new skills and got to have fun with our company! We guides work hard and play hard too. :D

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