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22 February 2010

Hello Guides :)

On saturday, we had the thinking day celebration in indoor stadium with other school guides and brownies. We first assembled outside mushroom pot to take attendance and learn the cheers that we were going to cheer when sweeyee and xintian represented our school to receive the award. We are proud to announce that this time both coy 1 and 2 received gold. Throughout the year all of us have put in a lot of effort and we are happy our hard work put off.

The thinking day celebration comprises of the award ceremony, sing-a-long session and performance. during the sing-a-long session although there were some songs we did not know how to sing but we had a lot of fun. The performance was very interesting and informative. It
teaches us the history of guiding and how guiding spread.

The thinking day theme for this year is together we can end extreme hunger and poverty. To do our part, for a start, we should stop wasting food. I hope that everyone can think about what else they can do to help the world.

Love guides :)

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