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13 February 2010

Hi guides!

Yesterday, the year3s had our Combined Obstacle Journey (COJ). We jihed at the red tile area in oj kit with everything that was needed for OJ. We were late and hence got pumped, therefore we should always remember to be punctual and jihe on time. Before the whole COJ started, we had water parade.

After that, we broke off into our patrols and were given our first clue. It was in guides code, we decoded it and it said:”supposedly the safest place in school”. We deduced that it was the bomb shelter and made our way there. At the station, we had to go through a maze down the stairs and then make our way up the elevated platform from there. In that station, most of us worked like an individual at the start finding our way down. However, we could have done better if we worked as a patrol, guiding and helping each other as we make our way down. It improved on our way up, as we helped one another climb up the walls and cheered each other on. In the second part of the station, we had to build 2 bashas, one the scout’s way and another the guide’s way. We didn’t manage to finish it on time and had to keep asking for time extensions. I feel that we should buck up on our skills as we took a long time to tie the basha, have better sense of urgency and take care of our stuffs better.

After that, we made our way to the 2nd station which was outside the scout’s tuanbu. At the station, we had to crack another set of guide’s code, which said that we had to follow signs and caterpillar walk along the way. As the PL of this station, I could not read some of the trekking signs that we had to follow, and had to ask my patrol mates. After that, we had to carry a pail of water out of the boundaries without stepping into it. However, even after time extensions, we still could not do it. Using the water in the pail, we had to boil an egg which was found in the sand earlier. We started the fire using one match stick, but did not have enough time to finish boiling it. I realised that we should learn our notes properly, so that we can use them in time of need.

We were given our next clue, and proceeded on to the 3rd station which was the minesweeper. We had to tie a mu across the minesweeper to facilitate crossing and cross it within a certain time limit. At first, we had to blindfold ourselves when we were crossing, and only one of us managed to cross. After that we were given more time of the remaining of the patrol to cross and collect pictures of mice along the way. Our peibei was also being kupped at this station. Hence we really have to take good care of our belongings. We could have been faster if we made use of the time we had, to cross and tie the mu at the same time, which will allow more time for others to cross.

The next clue that was given to us was 4.19 and we spent quite a lot of time trying to figure out what it meant. After which, we went to 4S classroom for the station. As one of the casualties, I was supposed to be unconscious in the room. My patrol came into the room and saved the casualties, and carried me out after that. I felt that we could have done better if we did not touch much of the obstacles that was in the room and be more familiarised with our first aid skills.

We then went to our 5th station which was the vertical rope. Many of us, the guides, could not climb the vertical rope and hence needed help from other patrol mates to push us up. We should learn how to climb the rope properly before pltc, so that we can really show our best in it. However, without the help of our patrolmates, we could not have made it to touch the mice’s pictures therefore, teamwork is also important. When we work as a team, more things can be done.

After this station, we went to our last station, the acid river. We decided to tie a tripod and then place the mu on it so that we can cross. To make things harder, we had 2 disabled casualties. My patrol decided to build a stretcher so that we can transport the casualty easily. We could have done better by tying our lashes tighter so that we would not need to waste time to retie and that it is safer. However, too many people crossed over at the beginning and there were very few people left to transport the second casualty over. Although they could come back, one of the scouts decided to piggy back the casualty to make things faster. However, before we could finish, the time was up and we had to go back. We were then given 5 minutes to find 4 pictures of the mice to gain more marks, but we could only find 3 of them. We helped the station masters to keep the mu and mats that were used, and went back to the red tile area after we were done.

We were then debriefed over our performances for each of the stations and the pointers that we could have improved on and done better. Overall, I felt that the positions did not matter as much as the things that were learnt during the process. Through this COJ, we know a lot of areas that we can improve and buck up on before pltc comes. Good job to all the year3s, COJ is over and next up is pltc.

P1 Superbrie, P2 TheKillerz, P3 M & M, P4 MOJO, P5 cheesy, P6 Super M

Jiayou guides! :D

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