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27 February 2010

Hello guides (:

Yesterday we had patrol corner, followed by company games and lastly celebrated Chinese New Year by having a guides’ reunion dinner.

During patrol corner, my patrol built a basketball hoop, which we were asked to draw a proposal of beforehand. We were given 5 minutes to chou the mu that we needed, however we exceeded the time limit given and did not manage to ask for time extension before the time limit. We should always keep in mind the amount of time we are given and try our best to stick to it, and not have the mindset that time extensions would always be given to us.

After that, we carried on to start tying our structure. We spent a lot of time on getting the frame up and deciding what to do. We also faced some problems on the way, for example the lengths of the mu were not correct. Therefore, we should learn to react according to the problem we face to speed things up. After the structure was done, we played a short game of basketball before we chai-ed it and returned to the general science lab.

After that was company games. We were split into 2 groups, coy 1 and coy 2 and proceeded to the different venues. For coy 2, we proceeded to the rooftop tennis court first. At the tennis court, we played dog and bone, whereby there were 2 patrols in a team. However, the difference between this and the normal dog and bone game is that we had to do 5 jumping jacks before we could take the ball and had to run along the path to throw the ball into our respective buckets. Those who did not take the balls or could not throw in the ball had to be in the forfeit zone and after 3 rounds, the forfeit will be conducted. Our forfeit was to sing a guides’ song in a low voice and we sang kookaburra.

We proceeded to the canteen after that for the second part of company games. At the canteen, we got into 2 lines and got into boy’s style position while people on one side commando crawl to the other side. After that we played human knot in our own patrols. We were given 10 minutes to solve but my patrol could not solve it and had about 4 people left tangled together.

After that, we proceeded back to the general science lab for the long awaited reunion dinner. Before we had the reunion dinner, one sec 3 from each patrol was told to step out and we had to teach the year ones any guides song. We taught them “Guiding Light”, and all of them knew how to sing after that, but they could have sang even louder. Good job year ones!

Mrs Poh also introduced some seniors and ex-guiders to us before we started the dinner. Some of which were graduated students who came back, while some were Dunman High guides in the past and now teachers in Dunman High. We then took our food and yu sheng and sat together as a patrol. We then start our dinner with yu sheng and had a fun time eating together and bonding as a patrol.

Hope everyone enjoyed this cny reunion dinner!

Love guides!

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