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13 February 2010

Hello guides :)

Yesterday, the year 3s had their COJ. We jihe-d at the red tile red but we were late so we had to pump even before COJ officially started. After break off, we went to look for our course leaders where we got our first clue.

Our first station was the minesweeper station. First, we had to tie the hong mu on the railings to fill up the gap between the mus, helping us to cross. Then, we had to cross the minesweeper blindfolded with instructions given by our PL and PS. However, we took too long to tie the mu and were unable to get the whole patrol across. We should have crossed while tying to save time. We made many mistakes at this station such as guo-ing wrong and not taking care of our stuff. Our moral was quite low as we didn’t cheer enough. After that, we had to guo the minesweeper again. This time not blindfolded. However, many of us still moved very slowly and the not the whole patrol was able to cross.

Our second station was the first aid station. We had to rescue 2 casualties in the room, one with an elbow fracture and sprained foot and the other unconscious. We took too long to build the stretcher and spent a very long time trying to carry the unconscious casualty out. After that, we had to carry the carry one person on the stretcher and run around the block 3 times. We lacked the sense of urgency and our moral was very low.

Our third station was the rope climbing station. There, we had to climb the rope to touch one of the mice on the wall and after that ding in boy’s style. The station was to be completed in sets. However, only half of the patrol could climb the rope before the time was up. Many guides knew the theory but were unable to cross. We should practice more before PLTC.

Our fourth station was the acid river station. As we did this during jie OJ before, we knew what to do. However, we were rather slow in building the structure. We should also have been more careful while crossing to prevent us or our things from dropping in. After the whole patrol had crossed, we had to look for hidden mice around the area.

Our fifth station was at the bomb shelter where there was an electric fence and we had to cross the wall to get to the elevated court. At that station, a lot of teamwork was required. We had to help one another up the wall and pull them up in order for the whole patrol to get across. We did it quite well though we were rather slow at the beginning but towards the end, we improved and worked together. After the whole patrol was on the elevated court, we had to build one basha and one hike tent. We were quite slow in building the basha and it was not completed when the time was up.

Our sixth and last station was at near the red tile area. We had to caterpillar walk from the notice board and follow the trekking signs to bring us to the place. However, we again lacked the sense of urgency and were unable to reach in time. Next, we had to move a pail of water out of the circle made around it without dragging it and no one could enter the centre either. We managed to get the pail of water out by using 2 masheng to hook around at opposite sides and then pull the 2 sides, allowing the pail to be lifted up. After the pail was out, we had to use the water and boil an egg which was the treasure we found in the sand pit. The fire started quite quickly and we were able to sustain the fire for a long time, allowing our egg to boil. After that, we cleared up the area and went to red tile to jihe for debrief.

In short, many patrol lacked a sense of urgency and our skills were not up to standard yet. We still have much room for improvement and we should pull up our socks before PLTC.

After debrief, we met our course leaders and we had evaluation. We also returned the pumping we owed inclusive of those during inspection.

As a whole, I think my patrol lacked a sense of urgency and had very low moral throughout the whole of COJ. We really have to improve on that as well as our skills and stamina. I hope we can all learn from our mistakes that we made this time and do better for PLTC which isn’t very far away.

Jiayou all!

Love guides :)

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